SSF4 juri model *Needs fix*



This is very useful! I hope someone can take time to clean up this one model and release it. Quite amazing that this thread has been around for over 3/4’s of a year without anyone stepping up to get it done. Perhaps people are busy.

or perhaps they dont give a shit they just want soldiers soldiers and more fucking boring soldiers

Generally true, considering how many iterations of “generic modern soldier” we’ve got on each page of Releases…
I’ll be picking this up once I’ve finished up my current projects. ETA: roughly two weeks, give or take a few days. you made my day

Nice Squiddy, awesome to see someone like you stepping up to bat.

Have a Winner.

I’m sorry to shatter a lot of peoples’ hopes and all, but this model is so incredibly fucked up that I really don’t want to touch it after opening it up and taking a good long look at it. D:
The rigged version, as the screenshots show, is really, really screwed up. Over 12,000 faces are inverted, and doing that manually would be hell.
The static version has almost as many vertices that are split (even though the faces are fine), and fixing those would take way longer than my patience really allows for.
For those that don’t know, split vertices and edges allow for sharp, crisp edges – like you would want on a sword, or any metal edge. It looks absolutely terrible on anything organic, however.

So… sorry all, but after really looking in at all of these, I can see why roland didn’t want to continue. On either of the provided meshes that’s like 60 straight hours of work…

I was afraid of this. Oh well, no harm done, you looked into it and tried.

I may be disappointed that the one Street Fighter model that seemed to be going somewhere has hit the bricks, but I understand. It’s unfortunate, but can’t be avoided in this case.

Thanks for trying though, Squiddy. We appreciate it.

Does this include the files from the links I provided?

How is quoting someone’s year old post relevant to this dead thread?