SSN Servers - The Baby of Jesus, Bacon, and Morgan Freeman.

I know this might just be another one of those “ya-da ya-da server hosting” posts. (If those exists.) But I have REALLY got to share this one with you guys. You guys may know of other hosts, NFO, Xenon, Elpishost, but, alas, there are some problems with those hosts.

Expense, some of those hosts are expensive, and some very cheap. Let’s compare prices and features:

Elpishost: 40 slots is 27 USD, not including DDoS protection. They run 4 servers per core.

Xenon: 40 slots are 27.50, including minimal DDoS protection. Not sure how many they run per core.

NFO: 35.99 for 40 slots, includign webhosting, and excellent DDoS protection. Run up to 4 servers per core.

SSN: 22 dollars for 40 slots, including excellent DDoS protection, a dedicated IP address, and no server branding on it’s hosting panel. They only run up to maximum of 2 servers per core. (They run 1 server per core until their dedicated fills up, then they run two per core.) Which means more performance for you, as you don’t have to share the machine with 3 other servers.

Looking at these prices and features, I’m pretty sure you already know which one to pick. Get 'em while they’re hot!

(They all have great support, so there is no point in comparing them.)

I currently own a 48 slots server from them, and it’s amazing.

Well is much cheaper. Contact me and I’ll probably give you a 30 or 20% coupon. This host is cheap, great with awesome specs plus the support is also awesome.

I do not own this company. I just know the owner.

I also know the owner, she also offers minecraft servers aswell, along with other source games. (Her minecraft servers are shit cheap, good quality.)

It’s also in the US.

Support team has advanced lua knowledge and will offer basic lua support.

Edit: The owner told me I had it backwards. I did.

Plus I wouldn’t call 7dollars for a two slots server cheap. That is really expensive.

You typed their name wrong in the title of your thread, your thread tried to make NFO look bad while their servers have probably the best performance of all server hosts out there, their website is just a basic WHCMS panel that they “customized”, without having any knowledge of HTML / CSS or a feeling for design, and their logo looks like someone tried to scale it with paint.

Their knowledgebase has terrible grammar and vocabulary

“you’re” should be “your”, “wont” should be “won’t”, “SOURCENGINE” should be “Source Engine”, and has nothing to do with accessing your files. “Recommened” should be “recommended”, and there is a shitload of inconsistency errors, such as “Game Servers” and “Game-Servers” and sentences that are far from correct. I am not a native speaker and I’m sure what I say might not be completely correct, but I wouldn’t trust a website that was thrown together like this. Looks like a guy had enough money to pay for a dedicated server for one month and then decide to start a server hosting company, at the age of 14. I mean, they could at least have thrown a template over the website, just so it looks a bit better, or even better, completely rebuild the structure of WHCMS so it doesn’t look like WHCMS (like every single other game server provider).

So, this makes me wonder, what are you getting out of this?


Haha they don’t even know how to make a server vac secure.

Why does the domain use whoisguard? Businesses shouldn’t be using whoisguard.

There’s a reason other hosts seem to charge about the same amount of money for servers; that’s about as low as they can go before they start losing money. How can you offer servers for so much cheaper than other companies and still remain profitable? Especially when you’re only putting 1-2 servers on each core?

And why is 100Mbit considered DDoS protection? These days that won’t do anything.


“Their is a fix”

The website is shoddy to say the least, the website lacks any form of noticeable and visible legal documentation thus informing us that not only do they have no terms of use, sale, service but also they are not registered as a business nor are they obliged to ensure their employees have signed non disclosure agreements with regards to the personal information of their clients.

The person who designed this website, seems to be lacking in eyesight, based on the left hand side horrible bullet point list.

The logo looks like it was made in the early 90s and is far too small for the box it has been out in, (taking a theme and forcing their logo into it?)

“Happying Hosting” this is wrong on so many levels.

  1. The client is not hosting anything, they are renting a service from the company.
  2. The present participle of an adjective is unobtainable.
  3. Double capital letters…
  4. The entire article leading up to the use of this phrase looks disgusting.

Affiliates system, no terms and conditions and no information regarding the signing up thereof.
Shows lack of experience with the system?

The only thing that checks out so far, is the fact that you have a licensed copy of whmcs.