SST download Help

Don’t get me wrong people, I know how to download most things. I have alot of downloads. But these are the only ones that don’t want to work. It is the S.tarship troopers npcs (not the M.I ones with the mask but the medic and infantry ones.) and the Gm_whiskey_outpost(beta). The SST npcs don’t work at all, and I have installed them into the gmod directory and addons and they don’t work. The Outpost map works but only if I extract the raw .bsp file and not put it in any extra folders other then maps, so the custom textures don’t work. So simply put, how do I install these?

It would really help if you would link us.

Yeah, heres the link to the npcs.

And heres whiskey outpost map.

I know theres a thread for the map but it’s old and I couldn’t find any help on it.
And theres also a icon fix but I don’t think I’ll need to give you thant link.

You should really read the ReadMe -texts. If you are too bored to, put the materials and maps folders into C:\program files\steam\steamapps\ ^your steam name^ \garrysmod\garrysmod
Dont know about the NPCs tough. Takes forever to download.

Yeah, I tried that, still didn’t work. Maybe it’s windows 7 not letting it work. And I actually read readme.txt files whenever I see them.

Edit:Sorry, I thought it didn’t. I had to merge the folders but my stupid extracting software can’t merge things so I didn’t know until later.
Anyways thanks. Now about the npcs…

I know I’m double posting but, do you have anything on the npcs yet Hakita?

Edit: figured it out, needed to put addon info.txt in. (because the stupid minge who distributed to didn’t know where to put the file, HE distributed!