SSTRP game mode help

Ok, so I searched, but I couldn’t fidn anything on it, anyone help me get the SSTRP working? if you need anything I can provide(Screenshots or something) please ask, thanks.

What is the issue exactly?

And I never even heard of this gamemode.

The “Create Character” won’t appear in full screen/function properly, I had plans on doing a Halo RP(which I had intentions on modifying SSTRP rp fit Halo better)

Could you provide a screenshot and maybe look in the console to see if there is any lua errors.

Is there any lua errors in the console?

If you could upload the gamemod somewhere so I can take a look at it. Just appears to me that the gamemode is old and a update has broken it. It probably requires a few lines changed for it to be fixed.

So I will take a look at it if you could send me it.

Wouldnt it be better to take questions on the script to the forums that the server has?

liveinfear or something is the community name.

looking in the console and nothing popped up(well, I wouldn’t know if anything was wrong)

And I found this on Drama Unlimited(has lots of Game modes) had plans on using OpenAura, but it said unless you know how to set it up you’ll need help.

Unless someone can point me to a good game mode that removes people’s weapons, and has a list with Ranks I can make up(according to the Halo Reach ranks)

that everyone starts out as a certain rank, and I have to promote them manually(well, put them on a list t allow them to create a new character)

Well your pretty stuck in that case. Nothing really out therre like that as far as I know. I suggest learning lua and maybe making a schema for tiramisu. It’s an awesome free roleplaying framework.

Never even heard of that, is there an SVN?

Edit: just found it, now to fidn soem Schema’s.

Heard small parts of it, isnt it almost dead. Only heard it was unfinished. Also make sure you put everything the right folders…