SSTRP GameMode?

Hello, I had a few questions about the gamemode: StarShip Troopers RolePlay.

  1. Does anyone still play it?
  2. Is it available to the public?
  3. Is it compatible with Gmod13?

I have an extra server host for something that didn’t quite work out, and I LOVE serious RolePlay, and this gamemode (From what I’ve seen) looks like a lot of fun. Anyway, if someone could answer my questions, that would be great. - Warmest Regards, four 057

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No

XD Find Something Else Dude, Rp Is Overated(Until A Better RP Comes Out)

I’d really like this one though, if it is available. RP might not be what you like, but it’s what I like.

Did You not See My Answers?

  1. Does Anyone Still Play It (My Answer Was No.)
  2. Is It Available To The Public (Again, No.)
  3. Is It Compatible With GMod13 (Finally, No)

Oh, ok, ty then :slight_smile:

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I feel really stupid now :confused:

It’s ok XD

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I Would Feel Kinda Dumb Too
Anyway, Glad To help, Might I Suggest Running A Stalker Server? They Tend To Be Quite Entertaining :smiley:

:smiley: I might, i’m looking at Horizon right now. :slight_smile:

cool, if you need anything, add me on steam or skype.

Steam: Flaxwork
Skype: VertisticINC