ST:EF2 Character Items

Compression Rifle and Sniper Rifle are now compiled an downloadable, get em here:

im wanting to make some models from ST:EF2 into models for gmod, problem is, i cannot personally get them as objects, rather they come out as invisible effects, so if anyone is willing to take time to get some models into gmod format as props for me, please let me know ASAP.

all models and textures is supply will need to be converted.

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i would do this myself but, im crap, plus milkshape wont run ATM


Heres is a picture of what i have managed to rip from the game.

Aw sweet, I’ve never played STEF2 but I am a big fan of star trek, I’d love to see more stuff like this!

cool, ill rip more once ive reinstalled ef2 to my pc, btwm do you know how to make them into models, or know someone who will?

Unfortunately no, I have no knowledge of modeling however there are a few people I know who can, there is this one guy named plasmid who may be able to help you out, but I don’t know if he’s free to do them.

ahh, i mean i do know how to do it, i just cant get it to work. but i will hunt around for soomeone who can help.

Wait, do you mean you have them ripped, and you just can’t get them to work properly in Garry’s Mod?

yeah, i have them ripped, and i know the method, but when i test them ingame, i just get the green effect “o” and no model.


Do you mind throwing together all your SMDs, textures and the QC and PMing me a link to them? I’ll check them out, see if I can find anything that’d prevent them from compiling properly.

If I can manage a fix, I’ll fix up the files as necessary and send them back to you, as well as tell you what was wrong and how I fixed it, if you want.

ahh problem there, i dont have them compiled because thats the major problem, my cpu doesnt agree with the compilers…but if ya want, i can send you over mu source files for you to have a look at?

Please do.

I was asking for the source materials anyways. :buddy:

all right, ill resave my .mqo files (i use metasequoia) as 3ds, files, package them with textures as a .zip file, and ill send em your way ASAP

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ok ive uploaded them (exactally 1.0Mb lol)
heres the link.

this includes both the .mqo and .3ds files and the textures (in .bmp format)

by compiling i mean i cant even convert them into a gmod useable format.

Well, I got it to work.

Screenshot comparing the EF2 Assault Rifle it to the CSS Famas:


What I did was open the .3DS in Milkshape 3D and then converted it over to a HL2 SMD. The rest is just setting up the reference, physmodel, and the idle SMDs. Copied a QC from the CSS orange and changed it around (:v:), and then converted the textures.

Once you got all that done, it should compile without issue.

MS3D is a great program for converting models. Absolutely shit for making them, but well worth getting if you intend to rip models a lot, like I do. I would suggest you look into acquiring it. :buddy:

nice, but the model is missing bits…
problem is, i can make em into smd’s but when i come to compile my system goes to the blue screen of death…(idk why though)
i guess its simply because this pc’s had its better days and is on the way out…

ok ive found out why you had missing parts to you model, im going to send over a freshly ported and converted to .smd package file including textures. because for some reason i cant get it to compile, the qc file refuses to work, would yu#oumind taking a look? heres the .zip file.