[ST]Rust|US-EU|Magma|Sharing|Noob Friendly|NEW|Destroy|HomeTP|

Hello users of Facepunch!
I’m here to post a new server on rust! (beceause there aren’t enough already…)
but that doesn’t mean you shoudn’t check out this server!

It’s hosted in the UK so americans and europeans can join in!
We prefer english use the /pm “name” “message” system to talk in your own language

If you have the ability to read you can see that we are a new server (actually 2-3 weeks old but it’s like a no-mans land here).
and like the other servers we also have features that will get some poeple to our server!
Door sharing.
Noob friendly ( I don’t know if this is worth calling a feature but if you’re new don’t hesitate to ask us questions!)
Destroy (Use /destroy to one shot YOUR base, this won’t delete your base just everything you hit in your base will be deleted,also the person who puts down the foundation can destroy everything on it)
HomeTP (this means that you can set a home and TP to it whenever you feel like it)
Friendly admins ( We don’t abuse our powers and we like to help beginners around in our server).
Instant craft (beceause waiting for it can be annoying).
No decay (since i feel like it).
Your weapons/tools/armor can’t break!
** use /achelp for more commands!**

If you’re alone don’t think this: “This is a shitty server nobody comes on!” beceause we’re new…
But think this: “Nobody is on? Yes now i can build my base without any worries. Let the raiders come!”

We hope to see you on the server and give us feedback on how your experience was!

Join your server our IP/Port is
You don’t know how to connect to an IP!?
No problem!
You just start rust
Press F1
and enter this command:
and then you should be joining!

Bump i would hope you guys would join my server and give me feedback on how your experience was!