Stabalization (gyro, etc)

I need to stabalize the little bird helicopter i made from the millitary models two pack. I have looked at wire gyros, the adv. gyro, angular speedomiters, and expression 2. i have no idea how to achieve this. My ultimate goal is to achieve something similar to this:

I would be very very thankfull for any help.

Here’s a very old Expression 2 code I had. But it works.

@name Stabilization
@inputs Pitch Yaw Roll
@outputs PO YO RO
PO = (0 - Pitch) - ($Pitch * 4)
YO = (0 - Yaw) - ($Yaw * 4)
RO = (0 - Roll) - ($Roll * 4)

Thank you! uhh… how do I wire expression 2? I havent ever figured out how to write it

Get the E2 tool, open the editor (by clicking Open Editor while holding Q or by right clicking while not holding Q). Copy/paste the code. Spawn the chip then use the wire tool or the wire adv tool.

What would I wire it to? thrusters?