Stabbed in the chest.

If there is any jpeg crap in it now, idk what to do. I used devshot.

Original, nevermind the fucking error messages:

Good, but I think there should be more of a blood splash and more blood visible on the demo’s chest.

The knife is barely entered his chest, so I didn’t think it would seem realistic with lots of blood.

You don’t necessarily need a lot of blood, it just seems that the spy painted blood on his knife and the demo is a robot :v:

Very nice posing.

Maybe move the cigarette a bit in Photoshop, it looks strange in that position, although I’m sure it’s between the left side of his lips.

The blood and whiskey are a bit strange.

I kinda like the blood, the whiskey does look a weird.

really like this one though, nice job

Thanks man.

Yeah liquids are hard to make, apparently. If anyone got any tips on it I would love to hear it.

JPEG Artifacts again.
You seem to fuck it up during editing, save it under better quality and if that fails, use PNG. Those artifacts sure ruin all your pictures cause they are awesome.
Beside the artifacts.

I don’t get it, when I save the pic I always put max quality…

Bump because i was asked.