Stability of DarkRP


All of the DarkRP servers I have ever played on (including ones hosted by myself or servers purchased by myself) have always crashed after about an hour. Bear in mind this will have been about 1-3 months a go but I was wondering what is the stability of DarkRP?

E.g. does it still face the same problems?



Still unstable as fuck…

I’ve managed to make my server stable for 2-3hour periods, but the main killer is “Retrieving server info” bug :frowning:

I’ve been told this relates to network vars but have not looked into it.

I’ve been Head Admin for quiet a while on a DarkRP server (long time ago) and it didn’t crash that often.
Maybe it’s just the props they spam?

Define “That often” …

When my server is full at 24/24 it tends to crash every 2 hours ish, maybe 1.5hours.

The crashes normally occur when someone is joining though.

‘Not that often’ as in every 1-2 hours

Thanks for your input, it’s a shame it isn’t up to what it could be :frowning: