Stability Officer Wade Torrence

Had another idea for a Kinetic character and a Kinetic-based police organization (Kinetic Department of Stability (KDS)). I also noticed that I haven’t named any of the other characters that I have shown in this series.

Unfortunately his telekinesis aura blends a bit witht the background. Not to mention it looks purple when it’s supposed to be blue.

After seeing Avatar, I feel a bit inspired to do more Vortigaunt poses.

ill, he has some acne scars

With telekinesis, grabbing pills won’t be so hard now :v:


Still cannot think of a name for the main character(s) dude.

The main character is Nick right? :o or Faith?



Well, he looks kinda European-Eastish lol maybe Kamil, Jarek or Christoph :v:

Hm, maybe.

Plz do

Street Fighter Gadoken anyone?

I don’t play street fighter. :confused:

That’s not stability officer Wade Torrence.

It’s Louis.

he’s black too

Nothing gets past you Fire Kracker.

Quiet you.

Thanks everyone.


What about it?

Cool stuff.

Sam Elliot, Roadhouse.

What are you talking about?