Stability System is junk. Can we dumb it down till it's working right?

The stability system doesn’t work. It seems random at best. I have walls next to each other that are 99% Stable, then 52% Stable, and a door that’s 23% Stable… On a second floor with pillars. It makes no sense. If I add pillars under a roof the stability does not increase. If I destory the roof and rebuild it, it does… So the stability is not dynamic then… I built up and then removed the pillars and the roof was still 99% stable!! /sigh

It’s the reason for the exploitive raid towers.

Please just junk it… till it’s working at least…

Replace it with a simple height calculation? Twig structures are limited to 2-3 stories in height. Anything more and they collapse. Pillars could boost this to 4-6 maybe (so finally, a use for pillars that isn’t just exploitive raiding).

Wood could go up to 10-15? Stone could go 20-30. Armor up to 60? Etc.

Please Gary :zoid: You’d fix the raid tower glitching, you’d limit the buildings on servers so the collider limit wouldn’t be hit as soon… and stop weird ass building limitations. Like having stability of 0% next to something that’s 50% stable etc. I built out from my base and couldn’t complete a wall because it inexplicably decided it was too unstable. Yet the one next to it was fine?
…but I walk out of my front door and see huge ass raid dive towers over my neighbours. I’m not even talking about people trying to get to rock bases here btw… I am talking about bases on the ground, but it’s easier for thrm to just glitch their way in through the roof.

Edit: Rant:

Survival (base wise) is tough enough in RUST (which is why many build in water or on a rock in the first place) but you shouldn’t have to worry about people parachuting in from the air too… It limits your build options even more. Why shouldn’t I be able to build an open top base as long as it’s high enough? It should be perfectly secure. But oh yeah, because raid towers and alt+f4 jumping… this isn’t a legitimate raid strategy it’s just exploiting a bad implimentation of stability. Screw people who think this is ok “because I want to raid lel”.

Allow ladders to be placed against rocks only. So people can’t complain they can’t reach them, but so it can’t circumvent legitimate defences.

Nice idea, I agree completely.

Do you leave permanent stairs in your bases so that raiders can raid from ground access?

My base is on the ground currently. Not a rock? If that’s what you mean. I have permenant stairs in my bases because I just can’t bring myself to build ugly ass structures with door jumping etc.

However all of the surrounding bases near me (rock, and none rock) have raid towers near them. The tall, outstretched structures so they can jump on the roof and blast down. This happened after two russians somehow got into our first base (nearby) and managed to lock us out. Sort of, there goes the neighbourhood. Literally after 48hrs raid towers appeared everywhere… it was kinda funny really. So obvious who it was lol. The fact they were arrogantly abusive didn’t help.

I got raided yesterday by someone who just broke in, stole stuff and left. He renamed my sleeping bag with his name. I wasn’t even mad. I’m “ok” with that. They hacked down a wall etc, so fair enough they put in the effort. But raiders aren’t always so humble. In our last base they hacked up the sleeping bags, in the one before that they outright stole it (and shouted abuse at us in russian).

But this isn’t really the point of this thread -the main point is the stability system is woefully inadequate and outright breaks the game. It needs to go till it’s working as intended. It adds nothing right now, except a way to exploit.

The point I was trying to make was that many people, myself included, will remove stairs & have nothing on ground or first floors so the only way to raid is via the roof or collapsing the whole building.

Gotta love those Russians though. :smile:

The point of having it in in the first place is to have the Players, us, play with it and test it so that it can be refined, optimized and eventually fixed to the point that it IS stable. This is the fastest way to do it.

I am sorry, but your suggestion is counter intuitive, and just plain dumb.

Maybe look up iterative design.

It makes no sense for the devs to waste a bunch of time replacing a system with a bunch of shitty stop gaps for a system being actively developed.

Think before you post redjenny, basic common sense can explain why your suggestion wouldn’t work.

Maybe be less pompous.

I’d like to introduce you to the Tool Cupboard. A stop gap for another system they were going to replace it with, eventually…

Fair point, but at the moment it seems like its not even partially working. It’s just there, and you only notice it when it screws up or people exploit it. They have their hands seemingly full with a lot of other stuff right now, and now new features each update, but I hope it gets some love soon…

it is broken, even if it’s being fixed at the moment. and personally i think it’s because it’s been made far too complex.

i suggested this previously, but for one thing i would apply stability only to walls, doorways, windows and floor panels. stairs need another surface to be placed on, so it’s redundant to check them, same with roof panels (unless the intend to have them independantly placed). doors will never need stability checks, and neither will foundations or either type. blocks need something to be placed on, so again, don’t need stability (even if they are made into towers. if you are worried, put a height limit).

pillars shouldn’t have stability, they should increase stability (and health imo) for panels they touch. dynamically, because at the moment, they don’t affect panels after the fact. so if you have a wall with a pillar, it should be more stable than a wall without.