Stability while raiding

Hello, Im just curious. Does stability gives something while raiding? One time I put a C4 on armored wall which had about 900HP. And its stability was like 40 or 30 maybe less(I mean low). And that wall just vanished by one C4. Just asking because everybody were telling me that stability doesnt give anything while raiding, but somehow I destroyed that wall with one C4

it could have been because the pillars above/below were twig and you broke them, which, in turn, knocked down the wall

If it was a ground level wall, then perhaps the foundation had decayed enough that 1 C4 was enough to take it out. That will sometimes take out the wall above it. If it was an upper level, then I’d go with what almosttactful said.

Stability is pretty much the structural integrity of a building piece, the lower the stability the less you will be able to build on it, damage does not effect stability however destruction does.

Did they fix stability yet? Like no more floating structural anymore?

Nope. Buildings still float if you take out the foundations.

If they fix the physics, it means a whole new set of animations would have to be designed to show buildings falling down.

No need to make anything new, each part explodes just like when you break a block and voilà. The stability bug that makes floating bases doesn’t always occur, I’ve seen big structures go down a couple times. Make a 1x1 tower of twig and break the foundation you’ll see. There is even some form of slanting, you can see that when destroying a stack of blocks.