Stable Train Base and Physics-based Boat

I was experimenting with physics in Garry’s Mod and I found out they’re quite good. The song is a bit… lame but anyways, here are the videos:


Addons used:

  • PHX
  • Massless Thrusters
  • Weight STool


Addons used:

  • PHX
  • Massless Thrusters
  • Buoyancy STool

Might make a tutorial if there’re enough requests for them.

C&C are welcomed.

lol I like the boat, I made a rowboat with wheels turning oars that smacked the water… it was awesome you should try making that since my gmod fucks it up all the time

I’d like a tutorial on the train. looks like you suspensionized it. am I right?

Nope, I just axisized it. Those elastics are for holding them straight and the ropes are all rigid.

I like the train base, but it really needs a train built on it (hint)

and sorry but the boat is pretty fail imo

You put more effort into the video editing then the contraption.

Nah, editing is done in just a few mins. The boat is easy but it’s mainly the idea that it actually works. The train is a bit harder, the weight must be correct, otherwise it’ll fail.

That train video was the most relaxing thing I’ve probably ever seen.

That was amazing. It made me think of Harry potter when they were on the train going to hogwarts, except if you were stoned and the music was like ecstasy.
I’d love to see a realistic train with smoke coming out of it, all black, with moving gears on the wheels.

The physics based paddler isnt physics based at all, It’s just forcing itself forwards, theres no actual accurate physics involved.

What the fuck are you smoking? I want some of it.

On topic, the ideas are original but the application is meh. Might have been nice to see an actual train with this.

I have an idea already of what you did and what you used to get the wheels on the train to work.

I don’t think you know the true meaning of “Stable”.

If I don’t then what is the true meaning?

What is the music in both videos it sounds sooo familar.

The music in the intro? It’s “Chrono Trigger Crying Mountain OC ReMix”.


Such good memories.

xboomguy, i loved the train, I wish you were able to take the turns much harder, maybe add lots of weight to the wheels? Imo the boat was bad, but a good effort. What video editing programe did you use? because i want it! it was awesome.

I like the concept for the boat but its pretty basic and the body of the boat being that coaster ride killed it for me, I didnt totaly understand the point of having the train base be so intricate, it swayed too(pretty sure real trains dont)
Make a decent looking boat and train and itd be something id like.

train: unrealistic, slow, swaying, single car
boat: unrealstic, ugly, not physics based at all
i made a paddleboat back around v4 or v5 when gm_construct had a square pool section…those were the days, man. when everything you did was more difficult than just making it look pretty and then adding thrusters.

The boat IS physics based. No thrusters are pushing it forward, it’s simply the paddlers. I’ve set buoyancy to 100 on the boat, including the paddlers. I just used thrusters to spin it, not pushing it forward.

It is physics based but not in a normal paddler sence, the forward thrust is a function of the buoyancy - the force resulting from pushing the buoyant prop downwards and slightly foward with each intergral of rotation