Stack management

After playing Experimental for a few weeks, I continue to remain frustrated by the difficulty of grabbing an entire stack of items in the inventory panel. I like the ability to “split” stacks, and I don’t mind (kinda like) that there is no way to exactly specify how many items you are picking up from a stack. You can take a partial stack by eyeballing where you click on the stack (clicking low removes less items), but to move the entire stack you have to click in the very top, maybe 15% of the stack icon. That is slow and cumbersome where I don’t think it really ought to be.

I understand that if you had a stack of 2,453 metal fragments, you might not be able to instantly grab 500 of them. However, one would expect you could pretty easily scoop up the entire stack far faster than you could split the stack down the middle.

Currently I use Left-ALT as my “push to talk” key, but I’d be willing to give that up if holding ALT would simply select the entire stack-- no matter where on the stack icon I clicked.

I know I can’t be the only one that finds the current implementation of this mechanic somewhat frustrating…

I would like the move whole stack feature aswell. I dont mind the mechanic as it stands but the ability to easily drop all of the metal ore into a furnace would be nice.

Part of me likes the system because there are almost always small amounts of scraps left behind when someone leaves in a hurry. Its not the scraps I like, but the feel that the person grabbed armfuls of resources and put them into their sacs, without scraping up the little leftovers that fell through their grip.

The other half of me is irritated as I grab a stack 10 times because I don’t like leaving behind crap.

Has garry ever commented on if the difficulty or grabbing everything is a feature or just a poor interface?

I’m fairly certain he mentioned that they were discussing it. I know he doesn’t like “loot all” buttons, but we’ll most likely see a button to grab the whole stack eventually.

I absolutely agree with Garry there should not be any way to “loot all” from a corpse. I’d even be fine with disabling a “select stack” key when looting a corpse (thus resulting in either a protracted looting process or leaving small stacks behind)-- but when managing my own inventory in the confines of my base, not having a “select stack” key is annoying and really doesn’t add anything to gameplay or emersion.

Just make it like how it was in Legacy. It was just fine.
I like this idea for resources though:

Well, I think that would beat what we have now.

You can hover in the top right corner of the stack and get the whole stack. Takes a bit of practive but I get the whole stack pretty much every time now.