stack of hats

Is your username your age?
Also, DarkRP, ew

I don’t get it.

stack of hats

new hat in tf2 now avaible in G-Mod

sometimes i wear different hats for different days

Thanks for this pic, I wondered what a cheap price I could get for someone to take out my trash.

Darkrp lets you wear hats?!??

I think he used Wire mod.

Oh god that almost killed the DarkRP server I was an admin for. People got so preoccupied with turning themselves into fucking snowmen rather than RPing. So I took an indefinite hiatus and started playing TnB.

LOL very posh hats LOL

I rated this picture dumb because the text of Sean Mc Donald was interrupting. He could have at least make the picture when no texts where shown.

This goes to the troll pose megathread!


I disagree

Troll pose? What the hell is a troll pose? Everybody in that thread I’ve seen is either bad at posing or just trying to farm some funnies since they mean so much to them.

Look at the title of the forum. Screenshots and Movies.

This made my day, well not really, but it is cool.

64k on your wallet?! You must have some big pockets.