Stack sizes on Pre-Release

Hi we have a server running the pre-release version of the game ( and we would really like to change the stack sizes for resources and ammo.
Does anyone know how this can be done?

There’s no knobs and switches in place to just change stack sizes in a Vanilla server. You gotta get a mod that has those options, and unfortunately that’s all I know. At least you know what you need to start googling.

I recommend you educate yourself before you create a server

I recommend you keep your sarcastic comments to yourself

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I know that it is not easy to do but I have seen it on a couple of servers elsewhere

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There are 2 kinds of people on these forums.

Those who help,

and then there is you!

What you need is oxide mod but i don’t think it works with pre release servers.

Yeah thanks. obviously oxide “would” do the job but like you said it dont work with pre-release. I have seen it on another server so there is a way.

I’ve answered the same, but i deleted my answer because i realized, the thread was 5 years old…

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