Stacking campfires are getting out of hand.

In the first picture I have seen stacked campfires just outside my friend’s door, he has not been on today either.

In the second picture I had to jump and take a picture, when I take a picture I have to hold CTRL and hit print screen, of the second stack of campfires.

The things that should be stack-able are (besides normal building recipes) : small chests, and large chests, please fix so that campfires are not stack-able.

Holy shit I stacked those campfires.

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I would have also c4’d the entire place but there was some naked guy that kept running around when I was smelting sulfur and metal in the campfire.

dat pic aw3s0m3n3ss… dat pic… lol! also… i dont see how this would be very different than say, in minecraft, where you’d stack furnaces on top of each other… just saves space man.

maybe stacking campefires should just animate into a bigger Campfire or stacks of wood and Rocks??

That’s stupid. You can’t just put fire places on top of each other like you can with a furnace.