Stacking..... can it comeback?

I’d like to be able to put a box on a box. Or a lantern on a box. Or a campfire on a box. We used to be able to but then it was removed because of exploits with raiding or something. Maybe limit it to a max of 3 stacks? but I’d love to be able to do this again… It was handy, and really needed to help us make the most of space.

If they ever add a open animation to boxes, it would be removed anyway. Also a campfire on a wooden box doesnt make much sense xD

What I want to see is a shelf where I can place boxes and stuff, something like that:

I’m sure we will get a lot more furniture in future.

Neither does a camp fire on a twig floor in an enclosed space that doesn’t burn down the shack after killing the occupants with smoke inhalation. And the furnaces…

Agreed and I hope there is gonna be more advanced cooking and smelting stations than a campfire and the current furnace.

i miss stacking so much.

my super loot room

EDIT: not from me , but now we use that method for stacking:


Wow! I’d love to find that room in a raid.

in this picture you can see the 6 boxes under one door. the two on the top are on a triangle floor so you can still access it.

just did this real quick. keep in mind you can fit 3 large chests on a 1x1. so you can have 6 chests in a 1x1.

so stacking isn’t really needed that much anymore

Clever girl.

love the jurassic park quote.

i hope those pictures help other people out.

I always forget to utilize that mid floor placement. Very cool!