Stacking Items that in real life just doesnt work

Okay so here’s my only true gripe and if it was designed this way then so be it. The only thing so far that I cannot understand is the fact that you can stack Barricades on top of ramps. There is no way that it can possibly be balanced. Barricades on solid ground without foundations? Okay. But when you try to kill a foundation with center posts, stacked say 3 high , the way around that is Ramp up to second level , then barricade on top of a ramp to 3rd level then add stairs and jump on to the stairs and build up from there… Please take away the Barricade stacking on top of Ramps. to prevent this exploit or bug. Stacking crates as if they were building stairways should also be fixed … its either directly on top of another crate thus by the time your at 3 stacked high you cant jump on top of them or just simply make them so you cannot stand on them once they are stacked more than 2 times.

That’s why it’s a game… Not real life.

I don’t think this is an issue. It’s a way of getting into people’s places. I’d rather have them get in this way than glitching through the walls or foundation…

Don’t compare the game to real life. It’s not realistic that you can’t build wood on top of metal foundations, it’s not realistic that you can carry 20 stacks of 250 wooden logs on you and still be able to run like you’re not carrying anything at all either. It’s not realistic that you kill a deer and get chicken breasts. Hell, even zombies aren’t realistic! I can just keep going on and on about what isn’t realistic in the game.

Point is, don’t compare it to real life.

it’s not the stacking of barricades you should worry about it’s the placement of a ramp over a center pillar.

you cannot put anything else there in game so whats so special about the ramp

it’s a fucking game

and Duh like he said if it’s ment to be that way so be it.

are people seriously not allowed to ask questions in this forum without people getting irate.

Please if you don’t like whats being said just close the page and let people who want to have discussions about the topic at hand do it.

I’m irate?

you wanna see me get irate?

Foul language usually distinguishes someone current state.

If i was wrong i applogise.

I’m trying to say that this is a game, and not a survival simulator, ect, whatever.

what’s your beef?

I guess there’s a point about realism on the other issues that were discussed. I do believe that Ramps in itself should not be allowed on top of Foundations with center pillars for that matter. As for weight limitations I know there are none in the Alpha as of yet. Weather if there will be in the future is up to the developers I was not addressing those type of issues, but I guess those are things that should have been considered in my original post. As far as the statement of " Its a ******* Game " You may be right but at the same time it technically is not as of yet. Its an Alpha and in Gary’s opinion its a way for his friends to have fun. If they make money during this phase of release that’s all great but there’s no telling what will happen in the future. Another Game developer could technically buy him and his game out to never be release just so another company can release their own idea of a survival game. All depends on where the money is at and how much a person is willing to flex…imhop

Basically you said it’s a “fucking” game thats my point not need to be like that you could’ve said it a little less harsh. Thats there is no need t be like that IRL or on an internet forum.

welcome to facepunch

ahh so to be part of facepunch you need to use the word “fucking” alot… then again, sad thing is i kinda alrdy seen that, cause u dont see many threads here where it aint said at some point… just shows how the mentality is of alot of the ppl using the forum.

there are a lot of people that heavily resent the rust forum because of the quality of posting here, are you suggesting it’s better here?

i think u will agree that its the same on most if not all gaming forums, my reason for my post was u made it sound like u did it cause thats what ppl do on facepunch, so that was why u did it.

talking down to each other constantly is normal on here and is something you need to get used to.

“Real life” realism would break the game and ruin it all


take it as a game, that is what it is.

in real life, if you get shot, its very very likely you’l bleed out and you won’t have the tools to stop it

no more guns, rust is a sticks and stones and bows fighting game

dude i love crossbows and sticks and stones, that’s the best!1!1