Staff Announcement Platform (Repost)

(This is a repost, I posted it in a wrong section, hope this is the correct one)

Hey there :smiley: ! This is my first post on this forum, that has helped me a lot (as a guest, I registered today).
First of all, sorry if I commit any grammatical, ortographical or any other type of mystake, English is not my first language (Is Spanish) so I would really appreciate if you make me any correction :).

Am not the best Lua coder, but I have a basic knowledge. I have a GMod server and now that my staff body started to grow, I would like to have a platform for making general announcements only for my staff, like a news feed but with the possibility of letting everyone to share their ideas.
The point is that I want to know if there is a similar addon that I could download (or buy) instead of making a whole new addon by myself.

I know there are some forums like Enjin that could make this way easier, but I would like this to be in-game (Not true, I just don’t have money for an enjin forum, and free-plans are not of my like.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Edit: Preferably if the addon could work with ulx usergroups, but there’s no problem if not.

You ever hear of discord?