Staff or gary

Hey guys,

Is there anyways I can get into contact with garry or the staff?>

Give “garry [at] playrust [dot] com” a go.
No guarantee you’ll get a response.

ok this is semi important and could help the team out a bit.

Care to elaborate instead of leaving us with a cliffhanger?

Lets take this private message

10:1 odds that this is really not all that important or requiring of secrecy.

I don’t know how to PM someone i click your name and can see your profile but don’t see an option to pm someone.

^ I dont want to leak this…

Gamebreaking glitch/hack is my guess…


sent message

Yes, make sure you direct all messages to Gary.

Is he here on the forums?

it’s like you have an alt

And that informative rating

hu? I dont understand…I do understand what i know…i would like to help and talk to someone

Hello I am Gary creator of Garys Modification, you can send me all your Gary messages to me, Gary.

Well i messaged the moderator and no response…Should i post it here?

Yes. Alternatively send them to all people named Gary in your email contacts.

just tell us what its about but dont give away what or how to do it… I am very curious now >.<

Just post here if it is that bad the public should be made aware so the devs eventually have to respond quickly if it is game breaking.