Staff required for machinima (I will pay)

See video for details.

-snip- nevermind, I keep getting my nose into everything. I keep forgetting I have my own shit to work on xD

I’m just going to email you, I can’t stand youtube messaging, or if I could just PM you on here…?

I gave in waiting for you to come back online ,check your youtube inbox :).


i’ll help if ya have moar spots but no need to pay i just wana b known :stuck_out_tongue: lol (no really i mean it)
mah steam name is som1 hu r soo smarticlar tehn u
wait fuck it nvm
wait again fuck it nvm when i said nvm

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Sounds like an interesting opportunity. Sucks that I am on dial-up for the next two weeks :’(

I always miss out on Machinimas.

I just pmed you on youtube, hope i get in since it seems intresting.

Just send me a sample of your work… and which job are you interested in? Note: Applications close in two weeks - the machinima won’t be completed for… I don’t know, a couple of months?

I would be interested in (maybe) camera man or a voice actor. I’m young but I’ve been told by many that I’ve got quite the actor’s voice :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn… Too bad, i’m working on another map right now. :confused:

Are you able to emulate a convincing/do you have an English accent?

I’d do the voice acting for free lol but i’m not so sure i have a very convincing english accent.
also i’m a girl so you probably don’t need a girl’s voice.

I think I can, but just something simple, no voice acting(no mic).

Still awaiting your ansewer…

I;ll keep you in mind…

video editor here…


Sooooooooooo you pay OTHERS to make you a machinima…

That is kinda cheap, you know.

I mean… you get someone to record, someone to edit… and in the end, you upload it on YOUR channel and show it as your own work.

Sounds about right. Sounds like a scheme…

Huh? $50/job isn’t very cheap. Cheap would be trying to do everything myself… and quite frankly, I am FAR from having the skill to do a proper job. And a proper job is what I want…


'tis no scheme, my friend. Everyone who works on it will be credited, and it’s not my channel I’m going to upload it to - it’s (hopefully it will be uploaded to their YouTube channel).