My TTT server is near completion but I need some advice.

I don’t really have any internet/ irl friends that play gmod and don’t know how to set up a staff team for the server. I just really have no clue how to start a server and look for people who play on it that I can trust. The server I think will be a hit due to the content I have on it. If successful I might release a 24/7 minecraft server.

Here is my idea:

2 Managers - friends hopefully
3 Supervisors
4 Admins

I will promote like 6 people to mod when the server starts put in a lot of staff time myself and then after a while promote the mods.

I just really don’t know pls help

Here is a tip

Keep the staff team small and global. Your idea is more of a multi-server community with lots of players. Small servers just need 3/4 admins that are very active and dont have authority over eachother so the conflicts within will be minimum.

Also when searching for mods on your server, try to look for people who want to invest into the server and are well minded of the rules, dont just accept people who will ask for it and beg you for stuff they can.

If you really need a small admin team ASAP just ask some of your well-known friends. Perhaps they want to help out.

And please heed my advice: Dont take alot of admins which you dont know yourself well, this can result in them abusing their power or other unwanted stuff and the damage will remain from it.

Just my two cents though.

I don’t like the idea of a global staff team because often a staff member who spends a lot of time on one gamemode might end up making bad decisions when asked to solve issues on other gamemodes.

Another issue is that global staff are under a lot more pressure because they end up being responsible for multiple gamemodes, and might get asked to solve a number of different issues across many different gamemodes at once which could potentially be very stressful.

This probably goes without saying, but if you’re trying to add a very specific number of staff to your server just for the sake of adding staff, make sure that you’re not giving any position of power to some hot-headed teen with a dick-waving habit. Bad-apple admins (at least in my experience) can be good at talking you down if they fuck up and often overreact to the smallest things, especially when you aren’t around, and it can drive people away from your server like Donald Trump from a Taco Bell. Know who you’re dealing with before you make a deal with them.

Do, 3 Head admins, 3 Admins, and 5 Mods. 3 ranks for the server is fine. Make sure you have intelligent staff team with experience, especially with garry’s mod minges. The reason for 3 head admins is because on occasion, higher-ranks will butt heads and not agree on things, so it won’t go 50/50. If you need more advice just PM me.