Stage Pool

Port to Xnalara by Oo-FiL-oO and converted for Gmod and SFM by your servant.

Bug know: No cube map (buildcubemaps command has been broken on steampipe, waiting for a fix)

Gmod Version (normal and HDR)
SFM Version

Warning: The gmod version (normal and hdr) is bugged on SFM so dont use Gmod version on SFM.

Enjoy :wink:

not sure if the sprites on those lamps are necessary

besides, they look like something out of D00M

Looks great! Also, I agree with Joazzz, the sprites indeed look bad. Try out something smoother.
Regarding the cubemaps, here’s a fix.

In fact there are no sprites, it’s a model, a big model, i convert the .obj and the textures, added lights, water (gmod version), nodraw wall (for the collision) and a skybox. It’s a convertion from a xnalara scenerie.

Like i’ve do for Gymn Stage Dead or Alive 5, Femsheps Quarter (ME3) and Spencer Estate (Re5).

They need some adjustments to their alpha maps then so they’re less transparent at the tips there.