StainScript 1.3 - Serious Apocalypse Roleplay

Good afternoon. I am here to tell you about a server that’s been open for a while, but hasn’t received as much attention as it should. This is called Stainscript.

The storyline for Stainscript is very flexible, and it is possible for any character or player to edit the storyline, considering their IC events.This is one of the pro’s of Stainscript, seeing as only the Community Leader, Feenux, knows the whole concept around this roleplay.

Stainscript is a apocalyptic roleplay server, in which the users are placed inside a SIM (Simulation) and the roleplay continues from there. As you create your character, you must remember that there are certain requirements to their backstory. This is needed, as every man or woman in the SIM is bad. This could mean they are murderers, rapists, thieves and what-not. They are a virtual character inside of the SIM, while their real body is in a pod.

This can be shown in one of the many server events. Every so often, the SIM will “Unplug” and go to real life, which is a map custom made by Feenux himself. Here, you can find out much information about the SIM and it’s concept. Even I, a Full Administrator at Stainscript, do not know the full concept. (And probably never will.) Events can also be carried out in the SIM, these can be passive, or carried out with major factions within the concept. These factions are easily accessible, and you can apply for them with ease.

Here are some images to hopefully satisfy your desire, friends.

“Alex” waiting to be allowed into the vault.

Some Sexy Shadows.



Passive in the bar.

Eerie Event. (Was creepy as fuck.)

Remains of a BA Mission.

Character Selection & Creation screen.

Flags Menu.

Character Screen. (Scoreboard.)

Help Menu (Written by me.)

We hope to see you on the server, and even on the forums.

If you want to join us, visit and get the packs needed. Then, visit the forums and sign up, introducing yourself! :D.

Also, we’re currently in the middle of creating our own, large custom map. So when that arrives, Stainscript will be even better!

Server IP:

We did not make any of the models or anything seen in the pictures. No credit goes to us. Instead, it goes to their original creators and owners. Thanks.

Hmm, nice. I was wanting to play on this server before, but when I decided to actually do so i wasn’t able to find it…

Wow. I’ve got to check this out sometime. If nothing else to see what I’m up against.

I have played on the server and its awesome the admins are realy nice and they help a lot.

Nice but were is the content pack?

It’s on the main page and on the forums.

Looks and sounds fun, I haven’t RPed in a long time.

I played on the server a while ago and everybody was speaking a different language, hopped off and never got on again, I may have to to join again, few questions though,

  1. So, every single person has to have done something bad in their lives?
  2. Do you know your in a simulator IC?

Ah cool, it’s CakeScript with a new name.

It looks good, yes it might be cakescript but the plot seems nice, I’ll try it.

it is cakescript but its epic XD


  1. Yes exept for 1 person
  2. Yes

and i think that language thing was when the admins were on they speak danish sometimes XD

I think it looks pretty interesting, good luck with this!

If you need any help, let me know; I’m sure my community can help you out somehow.

I know Squallkitty already responded to this but i just wanted to repeat him in a more detailed way.

Yes, people knows but at the very start of StainScript they had no idea, even though it was in the story all along. This is a great example on how open and flexible the story is. If it was up to me i would have told the players somehow in the very start. But we decided to save it untill a player actually triggered an event which kind of made them feel like they were in control. This event caused the power supply to melt down in the real world. Man you should have seen their faces when they woke up in a simulator inside a facility. Priceless.

Thankyou for all of the replies so far. We have already had two or three people sign up, and from role playing with them myself I feel that they enjoyed their first time. Feel free to sign up guys. Just remember to get the modelpack from :slight_smile:

This looks really sweet. I like it! I’ll be joining for sure!

Nevermind, it’s already done.

What’s already done? O.o

That’s what I was thinking =/

Not necessarily.

To be fair, there are many Cakescript edits out there, but our main advantage is the storyline. Cakescript is easy to edit, and looks quite professional. (More than other gamemodes such as DarkRP.) So we are happy with Cakescript. It’s a unique edit to fit our storyline, and our type of roleplay. Not just “Another Cakescript.”

You don’t have to rename the gamemode to be original… Nori deserves his credits on that and you shouldn’t be changing the name. Atleast use gm_gamedescript module to return a false name but don’t rename the folder. And no matter what you say, it is an edit, that’s not bad though, Cakescript was made to be modular and edited, well the schema section atleast. So basically this server is cakescript with a new schema and unique storyline, so it’s okay.