hi i am trying to make a house for a reality show type of gmod video. does anyone know how to make stairs?

8 high, 12 deep, about 128 wide.

I’d suggest that you learn the basics of Hammer before making any advanced brushwork such as stairs, there are a few tutorials online.

But stairs are not advanced

That’s the joke :v:

Congratulations on wanting to put stairs in your map, you have my download.

most of the tutorials keep telling me to use an object called stairs, but my folder is for half life 2, not for counterstrike

is there a way for me to switch object folders

An object? All you have to do is make each “stair” out of an individual brush.

Then you are reading dumb fucking tutorials, there’s a staircase prefab but you cannot define how many steps you want, just create them out of brushes with the dimensions IronPhoenix stated.

where can i find a tutorial on brushes
I’m looking forward to see your first map

and don’t forget
Since you don’t seem to know how to make stairs, I think it’s safe for me to say that you barely even know how to create a room, if that’s the case, check that link out. If it’s NOT the case, sorry.

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I rarely actually make the stairs, I go to the prefabs and use the premade one and just cut it up how I feel I need it.

I used to do that, but i found that the stairs were usually not really deep enough. Plus i like my stairs to look hawt!

Hmmm…A whole post on stairs.

No comment needed.

you mean a whole thread about stairs

nice first post… i can see you really waited for this one.

he was being proactive and asking, instead of making stairs way out of proportion. i credit him for that.

the only thing i can credit you for is being an unproductive member of facepunch society.

please be more polite next time so you won’t get assaulted by boxes.

I can’t wait until this guy becomes the king of Source mapping.

Allow me to answer your question directly, with the technique I usually use.

I’m working with a pretty big grid here, just to start. With a block. start with a block.

Then, make your grid smaller up here, using the little button with the - and tiny grid.
hopefully you already know how to do this, but why not reinforce it?

press it about 3 times, and you’ll end up with something like this

Then, using the clip tool here:

select the block, and slice it into vertical slices.
If half of it turns red, it means that half will be deleted after you slice the brush. to prevent that, use shift+X to change how the cut will turn out. Once it’s all white you’re good, and press enter (or return) to confirm that slice.

Do that until it looks like this:

Then, change the height of each step. That way they’re actually, y’know, stairs.

After, select the whole thang, and make the texture nodraw. It’s best to get this down beforehand, and might actually be smarter to have it set to nodraw before you start cutting.

Shift + A brings up the texture dialog.

press browse, type in nodraw, and double click it. then hit apply.

My textures are a little messed up because I forgot to turn off texture lock, but that’s not that big a deal.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure of an easy way to completely texture stairs at once, or if this is even the correct method of making them. This is just how I do it. You do have to manually align them, though. But once you settle on a texture, make sure all the faces that you won’t see once you actually compile (finish) your map stay nodraw, because that’s called optimization. Not only does it help the game render your map easier, it’s less work on your system and easier and faster to compile.

Also, don’t forget lighting! Everybody forgets lighting thier first time around. I was so excited when I made my first map, but when you make yours don’t post it right off the bat. Make sure you work up some experience first, make a few maps, enter some competitions, get some critique. Mapping used to look impossible but now I think I’m okay.

Also, people on Facepunch won’t usually dish out tutorials like this. I just have nothing better to do. You’ll get (unfortunately) harsh reactions the first time off for posts like this, but for the most part just keep an eye out for what everybody else does and you’ll be fine. Good luck!