Stairway From Hell

Well I am making a new gamemode and Im not sure how much lua it will use so Im not sure how long it will take for it to get finished but the gamemode is pretty much barebones gamemode with a new HUD and map, But anyway here is my idea.

Some of you may of heard of elevator: source and for those of you that dont know it is an elevator simulator where your in the elevator for 30 seconds or so then it stops and opens with something weird there like someone on the toilet. Well my idea is a stairway version of this since there are some things I dont like in elevator: source like the lack of interactivity, all you can do is watch, in mine you will have a lobby at the start with multiple things like theater, arena, arcade, etc. Then there will be a stairway where you go through and there will be doors with random stuff behind them, for the interactive ones you will be able to go inside and do whatever you have to do in the room, for the non - interactive ones you will open it, see the thing, it will shut then you open it again and its changed back into a stairway. There would also be a point system in which you could use to buy hats, titles and guns for arena.

Please tell me if you think this gamemode is worth making or if you think it would be kinda boring.

Gotta be careful there man don’t want to make a whole new economy by accident

I hate stairs.

I can’t wait to be a useless shit and play all of these video games!

Ya know, because all of these cool gamemodes are coming out.

So, this guy obviously knows nothing about lua or mapping. “I don’t know how much lua it will take”, I mean, how is that even educated sounding? The idea itself also reeks of “GMod Theatre”. Not only is this idea totally unoriginal, you probably have no experience with lua at all, and I am willing to bet you have no idea the limitations of the Source engine.

Obviously, you should not even try to make this.

Good luck to you, friend.

[sp]I can see a help thread by him in the future.[/sp]

Well I have asked about alot of this with my friend who is a lua god and he has told me that its possible but way too hard so im gonna leave this gamemode. and to loriborn about me not knowing anything about lua or mapping I know a bit about mapping and i’m learning lua. :slight_smile:

Well, that went out quickly.

It’s too hard for a LUA God?
Wow this must be a hard gamemode idea ._.

Well he stole the idea from another game mode that’s already released so I don’t see how it’s that hard.

No dude it’s impossible.
No one can ever do it, not even a LUA God can complete this project.


I warned you about stairs bro!
I told you dog!
I told you about stairs man!

I hate myself for understanding the reference.



garry sed on his twiter that he is goin to make this 4 him
he deleted it so i cant prov it but is true

It might be true, but it’s a rather weak excuse. (Especially if it’s not true)

I like how everyone who thinks they’re ready for making a Gamemode always is “good with mapping” and learning Lua.

Seriously, Hammer isn’t hard, it just takes patience. And even then, I am willing to bet you’ve never made a map.

Seems easy to make, just their is no info on what so ever on what happens, do you just keep walking down the stairs.

If your really trying to create something fun with stairs, why not use Ragmorph?