Stairway From Hell

Because that’s no fun to the gamemode.

What’s more fun than dragging yourself up stairs by only your feet, watching your body bounce as the shoes are controlled?


This does have potential, but not much of it. its just a Elevator: Source knockoff.

The stair is sofa king long!
This won’t be funny game unless you add sparta kick to this gamemode.

Well this is kinda meant to be an elevator: source knockoff but its without the stuff I dont like and with the stuff I do like, anyway I have moved on to making a different gamemode anyway. :slight_smile:

coming soon: escalator the game

Same thing as elevator? or different?

“Well my idea is a stairway version. Then there will be a stairway where you go through and there will be doors with random stuff behind them”

Nice idea, Looping Elevator with Doors teleporting you so it’s a forever loop with random stuff behind them.

What’s wrong with having another elevator:source style gamemode? I’d have thought those who enjoyed it would have loved the opportunity to play more of the same genre.