Stalemate RP

Stalemate RP is a 20 slot relaxed roleplay server with the gamemode Darkrp on the map rp_downtown_v2 24/7.


The website:
What makes us special?**
Everyone is allowed to build. You don’t have many props, but you may make a small house, or base. Anything you like. Also you have access to almost all the tools (as long as your respected, which you can apply for on the forum)

Come check us out. We also have events on the server occasionally

Another DarkRP server. What we don’t need


I’ll check it out I guess

Yeah I know… Darkrp. But I like it cause you can do some much with it

Like going around the street killing people with the reason I R GANGSTR LOLOLOLOL!

Lol then we just fuck with the minges with SUPAR DUPAR admin powers

go buy yourself a domain

If you think like this

“You must have to purchase a website and server then u suck lolullull” then you are dumb, the only thing that is needed is performance, quality, and how good looking they are.

Well I’m buying a webhost soon, which comes with a domain. Sooooo this is good enough right now. Its not like we are a huge community like Noobonicplague, or Hl2land

no, duh.

I used to play this community. It was ok but again its darkRP.

I was looking for a new roleplay mod, since I dont like the new updates for darkrp svn

Its better then sandbox, you don’t complain when people make sandbox servers.


I retract my comment, Sandbox > DarkRP but being bias is win.

I hate sandbox, but build rps are great

BuildRPs? Phhh… Sandbox beats DarkRP completely.


At least respected is applied for and not bought :confused: you should switch maps, probably to rp_evocity_v1.

Anyway, joined today, just another DMfest

Yeah happens when the admins decide they don’t have to do shit

Then find better ones.

Lol. I joined today. They have scriptenforcer 0.