STALKER Artifacts, Detectors & Misc stuff

I was going to post this in my misc releases thread but there’s a lot of stuff so i figured it warrants a thread of its own.

Kali’s Stalker Artifacts/Detectors/Props/Vehicles pack
Contains 21 assorted artifacts mostly from Clear Sky, Three detectors and a bolt, Three first aid items, Five food items, Eight misc. props, and three vehicles with a spare tire for one. About 44 models in total, full list of contents is on the workshop page.

The artifacts have been scaled to somewhat sensible sizes, not necessarily accurate to how they’re scaled in the game but scaled to a size where some of them would seem possible to stick in your pocket and carry around. Most models have bodygroups and skins, and the vehicles are fully ragdolled.

All models should work fine in SFM and are rigged accordingly.

Download Links:
Steam Workshop







GSC Game World - Original models, textures, etc.
Kali/FloaterTWO - Porting

Special thanks to LT_C for helping me get SFM’s SDK set up so i can do model stuff again.

Awesome release, keep up the awesome work.

Nice release, are they player models?

Thank God you resized the pills, those were ridiculous in previous ports.


Mmm Cossacks vodka… I mean awesome release.


woah very good

are they sweps :wink:

de beens have officially speeled

You always make my favorite vehicle models <3

Amazing models Kali, I always like your models

the BTR has an interior?

Great release, the artifacts look especialy nice. And the vehicles look very good too.
That reminds me that I still haven’t got myself to release that port of multiplayer map from Clear Sky and the Yantar science base… It’s time to finally do something about it lol.

Good job, but we need more russian vehicles.

Ich… Komme!

This has made me really happy, thanks for this release.

Very very excellent models released! ^^

Just found this on the Workshop and wanted to drop in and say excellent work! I love seeing new STALKER models being released from time to time. Thanks!

to FloaterTWO
I just noticed that Lada Niva seems to lack a couple of skins that look like this:

The second one is from some old alpha of Stalker SoC and would probably need a little editing (nothing complicated as far as I can tell) and the first one is from the release version Stalker SoC. If you by any chance would like to update the pack I could send you the textures if you want.
By the way do you have any plans on porting more vehicles from Stalker games? I have some thoughts on porting Zaz, lada 2107, Kamaz, helicopters, tractor and maybe something else but if you are going to work on any of these I would leave it to you because your version would most likely be better anyways.