STALKER Bloodsucker phonged and hexed

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] STALKER Bloodsucker phonged and hexed

[tab]Version:[/tab] 666

[tab]Description:[/tab] It’s the bloodsucker d’uh

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] my brain!

[tab]Download:[/tab] below [/release]

Orginal model by THQ
ripped from Snood_1990
normal mapped and phong by diwako


That’s pretty sexy.

First of all, THQ was the publisher.

Second of all, I ripped the model, Snood ragdolled it and released.


I didn’t know that! D:

Also link me to that gun in there. :q:

Fix’d up Credits:

GSC - Orginal Model
purvisdavid1 - Ripped Model
Ragdoll & Release - Snood_1990
Normal mapped & Phong - diwako


Good job, but the character is lame. a mildy interesting head on a cliched, wolf-man body

I hate you. :frowning:

Does it use the standard Valve skeleton?

That’s fucking awesome, you’re a fucking god.

Fuck fuck fuck.

What map is that too? I want it :uhoh:

You obvioulsy haven’t played STALKER then. Wolf-man body? Haha, this kid cracks me up.


fast zombie replacement would be cool

The licker like gas mask guy on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. please.

Whoa Creepy pic lol nice model

yes it does.

What? Picture please.

He means the Snork.

What map is that? Also That’s awesome!