Stalker by a fire +Bonus

*First try at fire

Did you motion blur the fire?
The motion blur on the fire looks good for the small sparks, but not on the main flame imo.
The colour of the fire looks good, but what is the black stuff under the fire?

Start doing Metro 2033 poses.

I like the Tali picture. The STALKER picture looks… odd. The fire is really blurry and the colours/jpeg quality look kinda messed up. Nice posing though.

They are both standing.

Very observative of you.

I don’t see the point in putting standing pictures other than to show off models, and frankly I’ve grown very tired of those pictures.

The fire isn’t bad. The motion blur is way overdone, and it could use some more embers or something, but if you fixed those it would probably be fine.

Ideas other than standing poses and “Generic bang bang” are hard to think up/rather boring.

i like standing poses.

Then put them in that thread where you can post pictures that don’t deserve a thread. I think it’s good practice, but I don’t think we need a thread for every single one.

It’s not that hard as long as you have a fragment of an imagination.