Stalker Clear Sky: Soldiers

[tab]Name:[/tab] Stalker Clear Sky

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Decided to finish them up, Thank for snoop for reminding me.
I’m open for any other suggestion, for Stalker to port onto gmod.

Two stalker soldiers, from Clear Sky Alpha.

Bodygouped - Only knife is bodygroup
Finger pose
Toe pose
Face pose
Eye pose

Just drop “Stalker clear Sky” folder into

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps(your account)\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons *


Lillwasa for testing it.
DT for posing and pointer.
Squiddy for helping me with eye shaders.**

If you edit, hex, reskin or anything to the model and release yourself,
Please place; GSC World Publishing/Deep Silver; GSC Game World - STALKER Clear Sky™, Credits and copyrights, Thank you.

Let me know if there’s any bugs.

Example poses:

[h2]Lillwasa’s Pictures[/h2]

[h2]DT’s picture[/h2]

[h2]Fort’s picture[/h2]

*** DAMN son***

Great release. I had fun posing with them.

Awesome release Nexus!

Dudes with hoods?

I’m in.

That’s very great.

Nice work Nexus!

Another amazing release Nexus, thank you!

pure sex

Oh u.

Эти модели взяты из OGS mod’a?
This models was taken Old Good STALKER mod for Clear Sky?

Да какая разница) Модели кульные и норм)

Мне просто интересно.
I was just interesting.

Просто всё равно иностранец выложил поэтому ему то откуда знать?

Get out of here, Stalker. Love 'em.

Thank you very much dude.

Ballin’ as usual, Nexus.

10/10, God, 10/10.

Thanks for your awesomeness!

Awesome. Was having a bad morning so didn’t feel like laughing but those screens made me lol

Oh, models look good too :]