Stalker entering the zone during the morning mist

First scenebuild, done on gm_flatgrass2008

Constructive criticism like always! :3:

Edited vs original
Another angle

Really nice for your first scenebuild!

May we have the original + another angle?

I’m in a hurry because I’m going out in like 2 mins but I’ll fix it when I come home. Thanks by the way.

looks nice something about the mask doesnt look right

Updated with another angle and comparison.

It’s okay. The scenebuild is nice enough, the posing is okay and the editing is pretty sweet, especially the shading and the texturing.

Quite a lot of empty space though. There needs to be less grass at the bottom and more sky at the top. A great picture overall but hot-damn I’m getting bored to death of these “STALKER standing still in some brown grass” pictures.

Thanks for the detailed feedback Chesty!

Very nice, but maybe you should of used another model?
The rebel dosn’t really fit. Still a great picture.

Thats a very nice first scenebuild, you are on the right track!