STALKER firing at a Bloodsucker in a long tunnel.

Media tagged for the image being big.

3rd Pose I’ve done, 3rd Edit. The Eyes of the Bloodsucker and the Muzzleflash were done ingame. Just remembered, I forgot the Blur. :c
Any tips on making the blood better?

Any critism is welcome. :3

Lots of space wasted and poor camera angle. Nice muzzle effect though.

I’m no expert at editing but that blood on his chin looks like a beard and the muzzleflash looks really odd.
Posing is okay,camera angle needs a little tweaking.

Isolation is very poor.
The lighting doesn’t make much sense either; the muzzleflash seems to be the dominant light-source here, and yet that side of the Stalker’s body is very dark and other side is strangely bright.
Blood on the ground is okay but the blood on the neck seems to be ignoring the fact he has a big collar, as such it looks very 2D.
Smoke is too perfectly round and opaque. Looks like it was done with the paintbrush tool and a soft, round brush.
Shell looks… strange.
Camera angle leaves a lot of wasted space.

The posing is quite good. You say this is your 3rd pose and 3rd edit? Don’t run before you can walk. Get posing and camera angles down and experiment with in-game post-processing and then move on to editing. Feel free to practice editing, but I don’t recommend posting your edited pictures yet.

This is something a lot of new users need to understand; get good at posing and then get good at editing - don’t try and do both at once!