Stalker gone insane.

In my opinion, the smaller one looks better.



So… C&C as always :wink:

Picture is really small man.

He doesn’t looks insane.

The picture is really small, but for what I can see it looks pretty awesome.
The dude fits the background nicely.


His head looks small tho.

look at his eyes…

Too small


It looks pretty cool anyways

Nice. I like the background.

Can’t see very well with my 22" screen, dude… t_t

People be editing my model :c.

Ok, I made a bigger version.

gah, stop the copy pasted backgrounds

You know, that wasn’t useful at all.

IMO this picture is great, the eyes are actualy scary, nice work dude gives me a new look on the word “Insane” now.

the mask is from S-low’s military maniji pack. I found the mask perfect for this, but they are not face poseable and look kinda dick stiff.

My model is faceposable atleast the eyes are. What was wrong with the Russian gasmask though :c.


Also stop with the copy/paste background it’s getting old now.

Looks great.