STALKER models that haven't been done (Pics included)

Ok, here’s some models or “variations” that I have been wanting for a long time. And especially now since there’s a lot of STALKER content out there at the moment. Here’s some pictures:

This mask reminds of the Civil Protection helmet and I don’t think it would be too hard to switch around a bit to make it look like the STALKER one.

Ski masks on STALKERS is always a plus and there’s ski masks models out there so a head hack could be easier

We also need models with faces! (I don’t care if they’re Hl2 or STALKER faces)

Ski masks + hoods are always nice too!

And another of a Merc-type

I THINK!!! Im not sure but I think that someone did the bandit/loner with the mask already. If not, well, what can I tell you.

I have never seen the first model ingame, fan art?

Its actually a beta model that is still in the game files, someone actually turned into a useable Fallout 3 armor.

If someone did any of the models I’d hope for that first one that wasn’t included in the game. I mean, it IS STALKER but it could also be pulled off to use futuristic comics or something too. Not to mention it just looks sweet in general.

Not to mention that whoever did it would be noticed for it on different websites.

The first one is in Clear Sky, and yes it’s used.

It’s used, I don’t know where you got your answer from. Did you even play Clear Sky?

Either way, we need some of these STALKER models done. Someone please contribute!

Can someone who knows how to port tell me which STALKER is easiest to port from? Since I need just a few ragdolls, would a $10 dollar steam game interest any of you?

Let me show you something over here…

I think my point is clear.

Either way someone needs to make these!

The differences are minimal at best.

I prefer the one all the way to the right.

I really want the Clear Sky faction in Gmod…

Yeah, will someone please do this!