I started porting different models from STALKER. I will be porting all of the monsters with animation and some of the weapons with their default animation. Also I probably will try to port characters with their animation too.

Most of them are not properly ragdolled yet but some animation works and somehow they can’t move even though they have animation for it.
PS: Sorry if my English isn’t very good.

I love you

Great job! Now if i could just find a model of Sidorovich.

You’re the guy who ported a few Metro 2033’s props too. I love you.

I don’t even know stalker
But it looks EPIC

Awesome! I have all 3 STALKER games, so if you need me for anything (texture work, model porting, though I have no idea how to do it with bones) I can.

finally someone ports over the mutants!

Yee!! I like it’s model’s! I am from Russia :slight_smile:

I ran into a problem with attack animation. It works when I set one of my models on one of existing NPCs using Model Manipulator but it doesn’t deal damage to me or another NPC. Anyone knows what’s the problem?

I tried to port some weapons from Call of Pripyat

It would be awesome if someone could help me with coding all that things because I am very bad coder.

Great work! I won’t be able to help you with your problem but I might know someone will.

Any plans to port the humans and possibly give them better physics/rigging?

looks nice :smiley:

I’m working on porting them but I’m not sure if I will be able to do it good.
By the way here is what I’ve done so far

That must of taken a hell of alot of work. Those are with the original Stalker animations?

Actually it haven’t taken too much time because they almost don’t have animation. All what they can do for now is just to stand. I am working on walk and run animations but when I compile model with them they still can’t walk. For now I have only one mutant which can walk, but it still can’t move so it is just standing on the same place and playing walk animation. I don’t know why.

These are really awesome, nice work!

Lovin’ that scientist!

Holy shit, I love you.

Holy shit, the Clear Sky dude’s feet are actually normal sized. I never noticed that ingame.

Finally figured out why they couldn’t walk.

I wasn’t working on porting for some time and now I resumed work on the project. Recently I was trying to add eye and face posing to some models. Eyes work not completely right, but I hope I’ll fix that soon. And face flexes work good, the only difficulty is that most Stalker human models don’t have bones on face except eyelid (one bone for both) and lower jaw. However most of mutants and Sidorovich have much more.
Here are screenshots of some recently ported models: