What is it?:

It’s big project i have start to made for very very lot of year in my head and i make today.

For some reason i have start this:

I have a familly away he have live in pripyat in 1986

Im very big fan of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series and the book “Stalker Roadside Picnic”


All games are change all quest and other of the original games are deleted for new maps quest and other in Stalker style.

If you want help for this project just post here or in mp i post every day picture of progress of project.

The “novice” village the only stalker added to the game for the moment are Veronica and me later in night i add npc and finish the forest.

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oh i forget yes sidorovich are back but i need to find model of UAZ,gaz,zil,bus… infortunatly i have just 129 model of stalker i need to find or create the rest but i want this project as real.

Tell me if you need a model from any of the games. I have them all 3 installed and I’m working with their models right now. Rippers generally don’t work for me, so you’d get raw .ogf files. Also, until i get around installing the sdk, i can’t extract geometry. I can convert the XRay bump maps in common bump maps though, if you want me to.
You can get a working .ogf converter from . The zip has tons of programs, many not working for me, but ogf2smda.exe in MESHTOOL\WIN\CONSOLE works alright if you write a .bat file for it.