STALKER patrolling a minor settlement, with Duty running for the gate

Made entirely in-game!

C&C, if you guys wish.
Rate artistic if you like this picture, comment on what you like and dislike!

Entirely in-game my ass.

It is entirely ingame, why do think that’s a lie? :v:

For that to be all in game, must be some sexy colormod work.

It looks nice.

Be surprised. I didn’t do any colormodding. :smug:

It’s alright. I’ll critique you later, when I get on my computer.

That sounds comforting.

That’s a neat rebel model, have the link to the download?

When people will start using lamps and stuff is beyond me.
nice pic there fussmiester.

I would’ve used lamps if they worked properly on this map/during the situation, which they didn’t.

I’ve been using lamps before, but here they just didn’t work. Why? I couldn’t get the right color of the light.

so lights and the skybox being epic?

Could you form that sentence in another way so I can understand it?

What map is that?

If not lamps, is it a combination of lights and an awesome skybox?

There are no lights and the skybox is barely visible.
I did not alter the lighting in any way.

The map is RP_Vuoristo.

Yup it actually looks like it’s all in game editing , so much easier than photoshopping the pic afterwards :v

The rebel in the middle does reeeeally not fit. The pic would have much more of a style without him IMO.

Get me some STALKER models with faceposing and I’ll fix that.

Thanks dude.