STALKER reaching for his weapon. + STALKER standing alone.

FirstOne: Really Low Quality Fingers, Lol.[/media]

Second One:

Media Tagged, as they are a bit large.

First Poses and Edits I’ve ever done, so don’t be too harsh. :3

First one isn’t very good,although I think its just the crap fingers that they came with.
I like the second one,but something is really odd about the outline of the gun.

they are nice, very well posed for a first

I think they’re pretty damn good

Thank you guys. :3

Yea, the Low Quality hands in the first one seem to mess it up.
For the Second one, the outline of the gun, I do believe the SuperDOF did that, I should’ve fixed it, my bad there.

Nice, but those STALKER models suck, sadly.

Pretty good. The lens flares actually look okay, surprisingly.

I like them, good work.

Also: Stalker owns.

Thanks for the comments guys.
Any suggestions on stuff I could improve on though?

second one is great but the lack of finger posing just kills its quality.

Their rigging is total shit.