STALKER - Roleplay gamemode

I really can’t be asked to create that in-depth of a release thread for this.

This is a incomplete( ish? ) roleplay gamemode that i was making, it had plans to be stalker themed but i never really got around to making any gui for it besides the alpha inventory and character shit, if they even work anymore. Here is a shitty list of features

*Item and inventory system that supports Unique & stackable items, and making item bases and all that good stuff. By unique items I mean you can make item durability and all that shit very very easily.
*Character system, works together with the inventory system obviously.
*Other random shit, data handling and event handlers and all that jazz

Also quick note I never got around to making the items&inventory&characters metatables, but they’re still pretty efficient i’d say. But there is most likely a lot of redundancy everywhere because 99% of this was scripted under the influence of something.

PS the platypus that would appear on your screen and walk around and shit is no longer there, sorry.

under the influence of something

He is straight edge for life.

one of many ingredients

crucial crack smoking

Bloody moon sugars. I smell moon sugars in this.

oh yeah

rejoice! exactly what I was looking for. shame the link doesn’t work :(, anyone got a mirror?

edit: download seems to be up now

It’s probably not going to run without a little work.

Here’s a tip, it’s most likely not loading because you have no characters, and there is no character creation gui( or any gui except the really ghetto dev inventory ). Use the console commands to create a character.

moral of the story this isn’t for you unless you know what you’re doing in the lua world

for any community that uses this, i will offer full support and answer any questions you have relating to it, and help the best i can with any problems and/or optimizations that need to be done.


( i heard some community was using this so i decided to post on here)

You’re fucking awesome! :> I think your gamemode sounds pretty cool… Shame I can’t add you in steam! :"(

Think you can help us or get us a lua coder who can? :v. I have the job posted on the Coder for Hire thing here

Any help would be much appreciated! Please talk or add me if you need forms of payment.