Stalker skins?

So over here there is a mod obsidian conflict which I love dearly, but I also like Garrysmod.
So there is a huge and awesome model pack here,

I just really want the exoskeloten, but what would you need to do for it to work with Garrysmod?


Wait I used PMod and they still don’t work properly, like all the models are crossed looking when you wear them, like the default view if you look at a model in an editor, their feet are stuck together and their arms are out. Any ideas?

They have no animations. You would need to decompile the model, put the animations in the .qc and then recompile.

They work fine in obsidian, is it just not compatible with gmod natively?

The animations probably are different in Obsidian, so they won’t work n GMod.

Who know CS:S Nano Suit Model for Urban ? Is not realized ? Pls give my the link .