STALKER, special artifacts, and the trade-ship

I was thinking about the background story of rust. Now, some of you remember, rust was partially based on the game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

It is very strange that people from outside that “zone” would just send airdrops to the people living on such a radioactive, isolated, and wild island, all for charity. The people on that island are not here for just getting a new life, or becoming prisoners, the outsiders must be awaiting some profit, something that the “zone” contains, else, these prisoners could easily survive on their own building wooden houses, and playing reign of kings.

Here comes in the element, which S.T.A.L.K.E.R. already contained: artifacts, which may have formed due to the radioactivity, an anomaly, or falling as meteors (which the future robot AI may also come from). These artifacts may have strange effects in their radius, each one has different. They could be formed in radioactive zones, anomaly zones, but in my opinion, the best idea is to have meteor-falls. These meteor falls would be like airdrops, except that they are harder to find (they are rocks on the ground scattered in a huge radius), and they also come with the AI robots forexample.

If you have collected these artifacts, you can do various things with them: carry, and use their special effects, craft them into some cool wep/item, use it as a beacon on your building. The most interesting one though, would be taking it on a “trade-ship”. There would be 1-2 trade-ship docks on the coast, where robotic trade-ships are sent. Here comes the challenge, getting artifacts there, and also surviving the journey. There would be limited storage on these ships, you have to be fast enough. Of course, you would get a huge rewards I cant really think of. They want the best stalkers to survive, and also not use these artifacts for anything.

IMO, it would be the excellent start for making some new challenge to the game. Single-player lovers have some more fun, while multiplayer gamers can compete even more.