Stalkers descent into the Metro

Zerax and I posed it, and he edited it.

Nice, But try to resize the image so it doesn’t break our monitors.

Btw, what models are those?

you neglected to mention it was going to be bigger, but sadly the server crashed mid-game. this was the last screenshot that we got.

Medal of Honor, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, etc etc.

Imo, a great way to see big images is to hold CTRL and zoom out with the mouse wheel

What the hell are you talking about, the resolution is just fine, quit living in 2004.
Awesome posing, nice job you guys!

Someone should warn the Stalkers about the seengin paipes.

“Hunter waz here”

Funky fresh as always.

Will they meet Artyom?

Not so secret radio message detected.

The radioactivity gave those stalkers a nice glow.

nobody ever asks me to do multiplayer poses with them.

You guys should call me Jean-Claude Van Bloo, becuase I’m washed up ;_;

Oh also cool pose guys

Nice pose.

I don’t know…for me multiplayer pose is a quite strange thing. I mean, it’s like if two painters will work on the same picture.

To the subject:I don’t like this strange shiny pentagon in the right middle of the picture. Aside from that, it’s quite fine

pMnky rated us dumb. :frown:

Zerax u cunt

I didn’t notice that at first.

Sorry guys but I just don’t like the lighting/phong/bloom/subject…