Stalkers getting fucked up by snorks

Aww… he’s just trying to hug him :3:

hey thats pretty cool actually. Tho there wouldnt be smoke coming out from the barrel, and not as much from the cases.

Nice posing tho, and I like the angle alot. Nice atmosphere and color/lighting choice

That’s pretty kickass

so it’s expelling bullets, yet it’s not even moving.

The muzzleflash looks really odd, while the smoke has too much opacity.

Bigger muzzle flash and a bit more motion blur on the shell casings being ejected and you are good. Nice work all around.

There would actually be a lot more smoke coming out of the barrel, but not in the upwards motion shown here.

The picture is okay. The posing looks good but the editing just seems kinda off.

Finally a Stalker pic with somthing other then standing around.

Nice skin.

It’s actually mine J_Hat. :v:

Whoops. Didn’t know that. I knew it was your model, if that counts.

I really like the the way the guy is holding the ak. It looks like a very natural pose.

this is good

I was expecting this.

Thread did not deliver.

It said Stalker in the title I would assume anyone would automatically know it wasn’t an old cartoon creature.


Cool pic hunter

But about the pic, very suiting muzzle flash for an AK.

I like everything from the guy’s waist and up.

Below the belt line I do not like how the legs are posed and it seems a tad empty towards the right.

Looks good except for the smoke and the messed up isolation on the grass.


The emptiness to the right doesn’t bother me enough to go out of my way to yell at you

That looks good. Nice job Hunter!