Stalkers in camp

What’s with the influx of stalker/scenebuilds? Not saying it’s bad or anything, but


Both are awesome.


Hunterdnrc is going to move to Pripyat and notice that in reality theres no god damn people named Stalker running around finding artifacts and oh having a guitar and sitting by fire singing Kum-Ba-Ya.

So you can start by Ecologist’s studying radioactive life. :smiley:

The faceposing looks pretty retarded. Nice posing and depth-of-field but… god this is getting dull.


*already is dull

That guy’s hat is way to big for him

probably because everyone is now playing call of pripyat.

The Hat is a bit oversized.

You and your standing.

and your guitars

I love them :3:
Which is odd, because I play the drums.

I don’t think the faceposing is retarded at all, although, I have to agree with Chesty about the DoF.

Work on that.