STALKER's Pseudodog

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] STALKER’s Pseudodog

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] A friggin’ mutant wolf, man!

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod9, Gmod10, the ability to “get out of here, Stalker”

[tab]Download:[/tab];10740408;/fileinfo.html [/release]

It’s the Pseudodog from STALKER. Comes in two skin versions the younger Pdog and older variation.

It’s in addon format so all you do is drag and drop the folder into the addons folder and away you go.

Gmod9 Spawncodes:
"#Pseudodog"	 "models/Stalker_pseudodog.mdl"
"#Pseudodog Old" "models/Stalker_pseudodog.mdl"

Note: If you want to reupload the file to or somewhere like that please ask my permission first, that means you CodenameGM54 :v:

Enjoy! :smiley:


Needs more glowing eyes, but I’m just glad to have it in GMod.

:open_mouth: custom rig?

Aye it is :keke:

Gaaagh I hate these things.
Nice job, though.

Looks a little larger than it’s in Stalker but very good job buddy!

yes! More STALKER stuff!

I always hated wasting my ammo on these in STALKER. Now in gmod I have tons of ammo! I love it!

I was confused and thought you posted the controller. I hate that motherfucker.

Lol. Whats up with the penguin icons?

Also… This model owns so hard.

Oink Oink? :v: nice work.

I have waited for this! Awesome ports Snood!

Rig these up to Fast zombies!

The bone structure! How many times :crying: cool.i love it! 9/10

Why does everyone ask people who make custom stuff to rig it to a different skeleton? Just use the ragdoll like it was meant to be! :argh:

Do Burer or Chimera now? :3

I hated those fucking things

That’s exactly what i did :raise:


I’m trying to replace my zombies with stalker monsters.

Fast = snork
Classic = BloodSucker
Poison = N/A (wink at snood)
headcrabs = ?