[release][tab]Name:[/tab] STALKER’s Snork

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Snork ragdoll plus fast zombie replacement version

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] RAWR >:3

[tab]Download:[/tab];9825441;/fileinfo.html [/release]

It’s a ragdoll of the Snork from STALKER. Two versions:

**1.**One is ragdoll poser friendly with posable body parts etc.

**2.**The other is a fast zombie rigged version which you will have to model manipulate to work, this model manipulator should be on if you do a search, if you can’t find it i’ll post a link to it.

You’ll be able to tell which is which.

It’s in addon format so to install stick the folder into your garrysmod/addons and find the spawn menu ingame. :slight_smile:

Gmod9 Prawncodes:

"#Snork" "models/Stalker_Snork.mdl"
"#Snork Fast Replacement" "models/Stalker_Snork_Fast.mdl"

Enjoy! :smiley:

Also there’s a special bonus fast zombie replacement model if you can find it and get it to work :keke:

Note: You have the freedom to reupload aslong as the original readme and credits are included, and try to keep reuploads on to a minimum, cheers :wink:

You know how I feel. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never played Stalkel but holy sheets. I wouldn’t want to meet that guy in real life! :tinfoil:

But awesome model!

Dude, you are a fucking beast.

This is epic but needs sound replacements :ninja: I might make one for this :smiley:

keep up the good work man.

Nice! I can’t wait to scare the crap out of myself by spawning on in the darkroom, forgetting about it and “finding” it later. by finding I mean screaming and shooting if 5000 times with the Smg. :smiley:

Headcrab replacement, NOW!

Sweet you released it. I can change the sounds so it would sound just like a snork.

Oh hell yes!

I know we’ve all waited quite a while for this. A ragdoll was more than enough but making it replace the fast zombie as well made you 100 kinds of awesome. Seriously, thank you.

Fucking awesome

See what happens when you start porting a few weapons from a game? This, a concentrated form of pure awesome.

Wouldn’t you mean Fast Zombie replacement?

Needs Dog or Seagul replacement.

Nice job! Going to test this out.

No, a mutant soldier with no mind hugging a chick? There is something wrong with that picture.

Also why make it a seagull replacement? So it could fly? :expressionless:

Damn! You should do the Helghast Next, because that’s as creepy as it is cool!

AW HELL YEAH thanks man!


Too bad, no Fast Zombie replacement, except with model manipulator ! :frowning: